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Goddess Candles Mary Magdalene

Goddess Candles Mary Magdalene

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We present exquisite candles of the Goddess Mary Magdalene 🕊️

Discover divine energy in your space with exquisite Goddess candles - a harmonious combination of spirituality and elegance. Made with the utmost care and intention, the candle is dedicated to the revered figure of Mary Magdalene, embodying unique qualities that inspire and strengthen.

Ignite the energy of transformation and compassion with the Glow of the Goddess Mary Magdalene. Infused with the essence of her powerful spirit, this candle is a tribute to her unwavering strength, wisdom and devotion. As the candle flame dances, it exudes the pure aroma of kosher soy wax and essential oils, creating an atmosphere of peace that encourages reflection and growth. Containing pure essential oils of olive oil, frankincense, rosemary, spike, lavender, rose, lily of the valley, hyssop and olive oil

Product highlights:


The kosher soy wax candle is made from the highest quality of kosher soy wax, ensuring a clean, environmentally friendly burn that radiates positive energy throughout the space.
Pure essential oils: Feel the soothing power of pure essential oils as their delicate scents fill the air with peace and inspiration.
Large Size: Each candle is a substantial 12 oz in size, allowing for an extended burn time of up to 60 hours, providing plenty of moments of connection and worship.

Seal of the Goddess: Candles are infused with the powerful energy of the Seal of the Goddess directed by Christine Alexandria, infusing each flame with divine intent and purpose.
Proudly Made in the USA: Experience the quality and craftsmanship that comes from our USA production, ensuring each candle is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

🌟 Elevate your space: 🌟

Transform your surroundings into a holy sanctuary with the radiant presence of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. Whether you are looking for spiritual connection, personal growth, or simply a moment of peace, Goddess Candles create an atmosphere that resonates with your intentions.

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