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Godess Anointing Droppers

Godess Anointing Droppers

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Goddess Power in a Bottle 

  • 🌟 Introducing Sacred Divine Feminine Ritual Droppers: Channel the Power of Goddesses 🌟

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey, embracing the energy and wisdom of ancient goddesses? Elevate your spiritual practice and enhance your daily rituals with our exclusive Sacred Divine Feminine Ritual Droppers collection. Crafted with care and intention in the heart of the USA, these 1.6 oz bottles of pure essential oils are infused with the divine energy of:

  • Mary Magdalene, The Goddess of Perseverance
  • Isis, The Goddess of All
  • Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love
  • Kwan Yin, The Goddess of Compassion
  • Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven.

🌺 Embrace the Essence of Goddess Energy 🌺

Each bottle is a sacred vessel, lovingly empowered by the goddess sigil channeled by Christine Alexandria, a renowned spiritual channeler. With every drop, you'll connect with these powerful goddesses' timeless wisdom and strength, inviting their transformative energy into your life. Exclusively available at Angel Chatter, these ritual droppers are a unique and potent addition to your spiritual toolkit.


 Ways to Incorporate Sacred Divine Feminine Ritual Droppers 


🌟 Chakra Activation: Place a drop directly on your chakra locations and invite the guidance of the goddesses to flow through you, balancing and aligning your energy centers.

🌟 Pulse Point Empowerment: Apply a drop to your body's pulse points to immerse yourself in the divine scent and energy throughout the day, invigorating your senses and spirit.

🌟 Sole Revival: Similar to reflexology, apply a drop to the soles of your feet to allow the energy to ascend through your energy bodies, bringing harmony and vitality where it's needed most.

🌟 Aromatherapy Fusion: Enhance your diffuser routine by adding a drop of the ritual oil, transforming your space into a sanctuary of goddess energy, tranquility, and inspiration.

🌟 Cellular Activation: Experience a profound connection by placing a drop or two on your hands, then holding them over your face. Inhale deeply, allowing the goddess power to infuse every cell, empowering your body, mind, and spirit.

🌸 Elevate Your Spiritual Practice 🌸

When you choose Sacred Divine Feminine Ritual Droppers, you're choosing to infuse your life with the sacred energy of goddesses who embody love, compassion, perseverance, and transformation. This collection is a celebration of the divine feminine within you and a tribute to the strength and wisdom of these legendary goddesses.

Experience the enchanting essence of Mary Magdalene, Isis, Aphrodite, Kwan Yin, and Mother Mary by embracing the power of Sacred Divine Feminine Ritual Droppers. Elevate your spiritual journey, enhance your rituals, and invite the goddesses' energy into your daily life. Shop exclusively here at Angel Chatter and harness the divine feminine's strength, love, and wisdom. Embrace the sacred transformation today! 


Not intended to heal but to inspire, infuse and empower with goddess energies. It contains water, 100% pure essential oils for topical use only.

Made with Love in the USA <3

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