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Vitamin C+ suplement diety 90 kapsułek

Vitamin C+ suplement diety 90 kapsułek

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NUTRIVI VITAMIN C+   Dietary Supplement - 90 Caps / Box

Nutrivi Vitamin C+ Dietary SupplementNUTRIVI Vitamin C+is a 100% All-Natural Dietary Supplement containing a unique composition of plant extracts that provide 100% natural-origin active substances: Vitamin C, Silicon, Citrus Flavonoids (Diosmin and Hesperidin). One capsule of NUTRIVI Vitamin C+ contains 370 mg of Vitamin C, which provides 290% of the recommended dietary daily allowance (RDA), 30 mg of Silicon, 45 mg of Diosmin and 5 mg of Hesperidin. Diosmin and Hesperidin are anti-oxidants that reduce inflammation, support the immune system and provide elasticity to blood vessels.

Unlike most animals, the human body is unable to produce or store vitamin C. Therefore, taking a Vitamin C supplement is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In contrast to synthetic ascorbic acid which is only a part of the whole Vitamin C molecule, the natural vitamin C molecule never occurs alone, but it is always in combination with accompanying bioflavonoids.

The benefits of taking all-natural NUTRIVI Vitamin C+ include:

● Biosynthesis of Collagen - Vitamin C is essential in the creation of Collagen, responsible for the proper functioning of the capillaries, skin, gums and teeth as well as bones and cartilage. Collagen provides firmness and elasticity of the skin, and accelerates healing of wounds.

● Regeneration and protection of antioxidants which prevent inflammation, regeneration of vitamin E and essential organic elements such as proteins and lipids.

● Reduction of risk of cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis. Studies confirmed that regular use of natural vitamin C leads to improved expansion of blood vessels in patients with ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, congestive heart failure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Its proven influence on the vascular system is invaluable - it helps to lower blood pressure.

NUTRIVI Vitamin C+ contains all-natural extracts from Wild Rose Hips (Rosa Canina),
Acerola Cherries and Sea Buckthorn berries - plants containing a high content of vitamin C, and include beneficial accompanying substances: Bioflavonoids extract (from oranges) a source of Diosmin and Hesperidin, and Bamboo Shoot extract, a source of Silicon.

Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid that is an anti-oxidant, supports the immune system and improves circulation. Silicon is a trace mineral that improves flexibility in joints, provides stronger bones, provides elasticity to skin and strengthens hair and fingernails.


Active Ingredients:

Wild Rose Hips (Rosa Canina) extract standardized to 70% of vitamin C
Acerola Cherry extract standardized to 25% of vitamin C
Sea Buckthorn extract standardized to 40% of Vitamin C
Bamboo shoot extract standardized to 70% of Silicon
Bioflavonoids - Diosmin and Hesperidin (from orange peel)
Non-active ingredients: Fish gelatin (capsule), rapeseed oil.


One capsule of NUTRIVI Vitamin C+ contains 370 mg of vitamin C, which provides 290% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA), 30 mg of Silicon, 45 mg of Diosmin, 5 mg of Hesperidin.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule a day to maintain proper health. Increase to 2 or 3 caps/day to increase immunity and reduce inflammation. Note: A strong immune system helps to prevent colds.

DISCLAIMER: This Dietary Supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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